The MultiYear Reunion in2001


The classes of '63, '64, '65, and '66 had an informalmulti-class reunion in 2001. Close to 500 people attended the dinnerat the Glendale Civic Center on July 28th. There were a lot of peoplehugging, comparing lives, and just talking (despite the too loudmusic; we shouted our conversations as the evening progressed).Having four years at once meant that you realized just how much weall knew many people from the other classes. Of course, there was alot of the "Dolly Parton Syndrome" where people first looked at yourchest for a name tag before looking at your face ;-). It was alsogreat to see former faculty Shirley Nute, Al Picerno, Ted Andrews,Keith Gilliland, Principal Bill Thomas, and Marjorie and Ted Pape.They did a lot to make us who we are today.

Many thanks to the organizers of this grand event: 1963: JetteMoller Nickell and Gene Wilcott, 1964: Sue Cox Keating and CindiMiller Anderson, 1965: Sandy Stillman Cronan, Carlos Escobosa, PeggyFleck Miccio, and Shirley Jarboe Noble, 1966: Karen Campbell Blakeand Dennis van Bremen.

Susan(Dennis) Viets took lots of pictures at the reunion
andthey can be found by clicking here. Thanks Susan!