Constance LoreenKnopp


A plea from the widow of an alumnus: "Hi, I'mtrying to find out where an old friend is and if you could help I'dgreatly appreciate it. Her name was Coni Knopp (Constance LoreenKnopp) ..My husband passed away and I'm trying to find her to lether know..She graduated in 1967 .. My name is Joice (Collier)Wilhelmsen and my e-mail is help would be welcomed... Thank you, Joice"


Stephen Fitzgerald writes: I believe she hasremarried with the last name Sames and lives in the SeattleWashington area.

page editor: I sent this note to JoiceCollier Wilhemsen as of 5/17/09

but it bounced back, indicating that address is no longervalid.