Dunsmore Elementary in1960

CVHS Class of 1968

When you were ten years old . . .


Jim Robinson, CVHS '68, sent this along. Now can you identify whothese children are? If you can, write to the alumni webmaster,Richard Adams at cvhsalumni@comcast.netand I'll list the names and who supplied them. Let's use thisformat -- The top row is row one and there are eight pictures, leftto right. So the boy in the striped shirt would be "Row 1, #5"

If you have a picture from another elementary class, send them tothe webmaster as an attachment and we can do the same thing.

JIm Robinson ('68) was able to identify these:

Row 1 left to right: Phil Gerdes, Reine Beauleau, RickMallory, Cheryl Allison, Phil Garday, Patty Saba, Kim Bennett, JudyFickett

Row 2 left to right: Lanny Van Horn,Corey McWilliams, Dave Mahoney,CarolPowell, GaryHudson, PattyLundy,?, Steve DeCamp, ColleenCowan

Row 3 left to right: Rob Shatsnider,?, Dave Edman,Cindy Coldwell, Steve Story,Bill Crout, Ed Lindsey,Frank Love

Row 4 left to right: Mr Harney (teacher), Mike McKee,?, Jim Robinson (me), Mike Derr,Melissa Fenton

Can you help with the ones still a questionmark?

"Charles"adds these:

Row two #2 is Corey McWilliams, #4 is CarolPowerll, #5 Gary Hudson, #6 Patty Lundy (corrections)

Row three #4 Cindy Coldwell, #6 Bill Crout,#8 Frank Love (not Dickie Phillips)