Class of 1968 Fortieth ReunionNews

There was a reunion planned for this class on 09/27/2008.Professional planner is GreatReunions

Reunion details: Hilton Irvine, OC Airport, Irvine ,CA

Reunion Notes: Great Reunions has been selected by your ReunionCommittee to assist with the planning and management of your upcomingreunion. We have finalized the details including the date, location,and ticket price. Full information about your reunion is posted contact Great Reunions at 1-800-655-7971 to update youraddress and purchase tickets.

For any member of the Class of '68interested in attending our 40th Reunion on Sept. 27th please takenote: We have negotiated the fee for rooms at the Irvine Hilton.Please call the Irvine Hilton directly (949) 833-9999 and use theCode ''Crescenta Valley" or "CES". You should receive either a roomwith 2 double beds for $99, or a room with a king size bed, cocktailsand breakfast for $119 for Friday 9/26 through Monday 9/29. You willnot get these prices by reserving online. The Hilton has beenresponsive and forthcoming. The ticket includes: a 3 course dinner,bio book, music, etc. I'm working with Great Reunions to get this inan appropriate place on their website for us. Please call me if yourun into any difficulties with this. Tacey @(949) 675-5434 or e-mailat taceysc@earthlink.netTIME CHANGE: Reception 6:00 p.m.; Dinner at 7:00 p.m.

Please register as soon as possible toreceive the rate reduction; if we keep a steady flow, the block willbe continually extended. It will be lost before Sept. 6th if there isa break in room reservations and another group may sign up for thesame weekend. (As of now this rate includes Fri Sept 26--Mon Sept29th).


Picturesof the Reunion by Jim Robinson