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If you attended Crescenta Valley High School, and have not yetsubmitted an entry for your class's page, until we get a new formcreated, follow theseinstructions, so you can be a part of the following pages. Wedo not have the actual annuals, but just a CD-ROM with all the seniorpictures. Well, ALMOST all. For 1965, we are missing a page: AN - BO.So if your name fits in that range, you'll have to sendme a picture from YOUR yearbook. Sorry about that.


Reunion planners: Embassy Suites in Glendale has put together aCVHS Reunion package of discounts for your consideration in planning:Read their discounts






Multi-Year Reunion Sunday August 23, 2015!

Classes of 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968

Annual Reunion Picnic for all classes from '63 - 69 from CVHS. Bring your own lunch and drinks. Don't forget your memories to share and just have fun. See you there.

Sorry for this late delay. I just got notice of this on Sunday August 16th! This appears to be an annual event.

RSVP here ---

Class of 1965's Fifty-Year Reunion was June 27, 2015

(Also, get-together on Friday night, June 26th at the Montrose Bowl)

Pasadena Hilton

Class representatives Sandy Tracey Stillman and Walter Woodward

Contact: or call 661-259-5999 to register


Class of 1965 (or close enough) Mini Reunion Pictures. Each photo is 2.9 Mb but each .zip file is 24 Mb. There are two of these .zip files you can download here, to see the full-sized .jpg files. Collection 1 or Collection 2. Thanks to Walter Woodward for the photography at the recent Mini Reunion that had participants from 1964-1968.

Walter Woodward was able to identify SOME of these people. If you can add more names, figuring out who the "Unknowns" are, write to Richard Adams, CVHS alumni webmaster, class of '63.

  • 110 - Curt Olsen and newest grandson Harrison.
  • 112 - Janet Woodward and Marlene Laws
  • 116 - Lynne Rende and Marlene Laws- both '65
  • 117 -
    • Top Row, Left to Rt: Jodie Laney, Sandy Stillman, Marlene Laws, Sandy Christopherson, Vicky Monarco, Ann Bunt, Peggy Fleck,Unknown, Margaret (McClinton) Bergeron, Bill Bergeron, Unknown, Dave Thomas, Dave Kinne, Curt Olsen - All '65
    • Front Row: Walter Woodward, Ross Bessom
  • 120 - Back row: Unknown, Unknown, Dave Kinne - Front Row: Peggy Fleck
  • 121 - Tim Davis '67, Gerry Lapre '67, Tom Teasely '67
  • 122 - Unknown, Betty Myers '67
  • 124 - Michelle Gold '67, Chris Smith '?
  • 125 - Unknown, Unknown, Dave Marr '?, Michelle Gold '67, Chris Smith
  • 128 - Darlene '64, Caryn Courtemanche '67 (Cal Courtemanche's '65 sister), Cindi Miller '64
  • 129 - Aidan Sadler '64
  • 130 - Unknown, Sylvia '69, Denise Teasley '71
  • 131 - Unknown, Dave Thomas '65, Cathy Thom '67
  • 132 - Lou Straser '67, Unknown, Rick Taylor '66
  • 133 - Danny Kimber '67
  • 134 - Peggy Fleck, Val Devol '66, Sandy Stillman
  • 135 - Curt Olsen, Peggy Fleck, Val Devol '66, Sandy Stillman, Walter Woodward
  • 138 - Ross Bessom, Carol (McCauley) Bessom '66, Sandy Stillman

Most of the people without class year are '65, save for Chris Smith - she was unknown to me and could not find her in the book. Hope this helps.

I've gone to a LOT of reunions, since I also run the website for the high school in Oregon where I've taught for the last 44 years, which also has an alumni section. Starting about the 30-year reunion, "The Dolly Parton Syndrome" sets in -- that's where everyone looks at your chest first . . . . . . . . to read your nametag to see who you "were". Name tags at reunions are good.



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