How to send your information

We will be getting a form for you to fill out some time, but ifyou want to submit your entry or make changes in the meantime, youcan just write to cvhsalumni@comcast.netfor now and tell what you want changed. If you don't get aresponse in three days, Comcast may be doing strange things. Send theinformation again to me at


For new entries, we would like the information below. Feel free toput down just what you want.

However, we MUST have some way for fellow alumni to contact you,or what would be the point? You need EITHER an email address ORstreet address OR phone number. If you feel uncomfortable aboutgiving any of those, consider getting a free or yahoo.comor email address that you can use as your "public" emailaddress. Then you can just check it every couple of weeks for mail.If it attracts too much spam, get rid of it and get another freeaddress and write back to us to change it on the website.


New? ____________ or Change? _______________

Graduation Year:____

Senior Picture (we have it already)?____ Recent Picture (sendit)?______ Both?______

Name: _________________________________ (make sure we have yourgraduation name. If you have changed it from "Smith" to "Jones", youcan use this format: Mary (Smith) Jones.

E-mail address:____________________________ we have to have thisto contact you, whether or not you want us to put it on yourentry.

May we publish this address on the site with yourentry?____________

Webpage: ______________________________________ title ofpage____________________

Street Address: ______________________________________________

City, State ZIP code:__________________________________________

Phone number: _____________________________________________

Marital Status: _____________________________

Spouse Name: _____________________________

Did your spouse also graduate from CVHS? _____________ if so, whatyear?_____________

Children? _________

Names and birth years?_____________________________________________________

Occupation: __________________________________________________

Company you workfor:_____________________________________________

Comments or reunion message: ______________________this can be aslong as you want

Remarks (just for page editor's eyes)____________________________________


You can copy this, paste it into an e-mail to us at,and then fill it out and send it, until we get the officialform completed. If you don't get a response in three days,Comcast may be doing strange things. Send the information again to meat