What will Happen to the Information youSend?


We don't send anything to any search engineor national database!

However, as with anything you put on a webpageon the internet, search engines like Google can find it. That meansif you put your home phone number down, somebody looking for yourname can know what it is. The same thing with a detailed address.However, you MUST submit SOME WAY for alumni to contact you, such asan e-mail address. It's sometimes nice to put the state down too,just so we can picture you in our minds as we hear weather reports oftornados, hurricanes, 12 foot snowfalls, and we're here on the westcoast with just the occasional gentle earthquake and balmy 105 degreetemperatures.

One trick some alumns do is to set up a freehotmail.com or yahoo.com or gmail.com e-mail account and use that astheir "public" e-mail address they give out. That way all spam willgo to that one and you can check that once a week or so.

We are not connected directly with the reunioncommittees. We don't send them your address. Send it to themdirectly. On the other hand, the first place reunion committees lookthese days is on these webpages to get people's e-mail addresses forcontact. We're happy to provide that service.

If you ignore this warning and write to ushorrified that you Googled yourself (we all do it) and found YOURHOME ADDRESS! we can remove the information we have on the websiterather quickly. HOWEVER -- it will take several fruitless visits byGoogle's "web-bots" to our pages for Google to "forget" theinformation. But even though Google may not have it listed, there arewebsites that keep all information ever put on the web. Beforewarned.


If you want to removeall information from the web about yourself, go to Bob Rankin's pageat http://askbobrankin.com/remove_phone_listing.htmlto find out how toremove your details from all TWELVE websites where it is stored. Youcan also read an article about privacy there.