An extremely helpful practice would be for the person in eachclass who is in charge of the next reunion or getting the mailinglists updated to send the respective webmaster their e-mail addressand details of the next reunion. That information could be put at thetop of the page for that year. We get lots of requests for thatinformation now and think everyone could use it. USE this web pagefor keeping your alumni lists current!

There are several companies that will put onreunions for high school classes (the Baby Boomers are big business,no matter what the link). Yes, it costs more than doing it yourself,but you may like the results better. Besides, that means EVERYONEgets to participate in the reunion, rather than manning tables andkeeping track of everything for a year.

A recent one that has sent us their links isReunionfarm. They are new, but are part a bigger event company callAudiofarm Group that has been doing event production since1986.

I have no experience with this one at all, buthere is their information:



We are a full service custom reunion company. We create anunforgettable event, while maintaining competitive rates.
Check out our website.


Melissa Friedman

1st Image Photography offers instantprinting of photos at your class reunions. They did the 10-yearreunion for the class of 1994 in 2004. They are in Santa Clarita,CA.

Please contact us at (800) 244-4720 or (661) 254-4720 or e-mailphotos@1stimage.comfor information. They do Los Angeles and Ventura Counties or fartherafield. Images viewable in seconds and once approved, photos areprinted in minutes. Website:

 Thank you for your interest.

Bob Messina
1st Image Photography