How to Send a Recent Picture


We already probably have your senior picture from the yearbook.If you didn't have a senior picture taken your graduation year,perhaps you can scan a picture from that era and send it to us.

You can send recent digital photos for us to post. It's nice tosee what people (and their families) look like now. Otherwise, you'llremain forever that 18-year old kid in viewers' minds. Surely you'vegotten BETTER since then in most ways. But, you change. If you don'tsend a recent picture, starting around the 25th or 30th reunion "TheDolly Parton Syndrome" sets in where everyone looks at your chestfirst --- to read your nametag to see who you "were."

Three people handle the pages. If you haven't sent in a pictureof you for what you look like NOW (O.K., laugh if you want, class of2009; it will happen to you too, if you're lucky enough to live aslong as we have), you can ATTACH it to an e-mail to the pagemasterfor your year (below).

Please, Oh please, DO NOT SEND BMP ORTIF FILES! They are needlessly huge. We have to changethem to JPG files anyway so please send them in that format. However,if you don't know how to do that, we'll take care of it. Also, makesure you identify yourself by your graduation name and year. Don'tjust send a file labled "me.bmp" or "scan01.jpg". We handle hundredsof files each week and can't read minds. Or, if you are withoutscanner or digital camera, send a photo with a stamped self-addressedenvelope to Richard Adams and he'll scan them and return them to you.Send an e-mail fordetails




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Richard Adams

Class of 1963
Years 1963 -1970, 1972 - 1992

Scott Hardyman

Class of 1971

Years 1971, 1993 - 2009